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Michael Clarke

Steven Collins

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Music Matters & Community

Music Matters to many people and music has the ability of breaking down borders and creating community.

Michael Clarke Studio runs a community project called ‘Music Matters’

Music Matters has created a space for people to talk about their shared love of music but allow people to create connections and friendships that can be confidence building and meaningful.

Music Matters meets every Tuesday evening from 7pm – 9pm at

The Red Hall Pub
Englefield Avenue
Connah’s Quay

To find our next Music Matters and other community events please sign up below

Guitar & Bass Setups

I learnt the vast majority of my knowledge from the luthier/magician Garth when I worked at Rushworths Music House in Chester at the end of the 70’s and from the many techs with major brands I have been in contact with over the years. I setup instruments by feel rather than specifications and each one is bespoke to the individual, I keep records on all my clients and their preferences, how they like their guitar or bass to play so I can adjust the next one accordingly.

My mantra has always been ” I’M HAPPY WHEN YOU’RE HAPPY “

Prices from

Electric Guitar

£50 hardtail bridge/vintage tremolo
£60 locking tremolo
£50 Bass Guitar
£60 Acoustic Guitar

Please supply a set of your string of choice.

Electrical Work

£20 service (clean pots, switches and input jack)
£50 change pickups of same type (passive/active)
£20 fit a preloaded scratch plate
£60 + parts assemble preloaded scratchplate
£20 + parts add push/pull coil split per pickup

Custom wiring services available on request.

Services that require removal of scratch plate or pickups for access will require restringing the instrument with a fresh set of strings.