Michael began his teaching career in 1983 after leaving the rock band Tokyo. He soon realised that there was a huge demand for quality guitar and bass tuition which was not being catered for in the area and decided to set up a studio to address this. One of the earlier students Michael taught was Stove, bass player for the critically acclaimed, top 40 band Mansun.

This lead to working with other bands and management companies both large and small, preparing them for live tours and studio work. Between teaching sessions, Michael has recorded many original pieces for adverts, films and jingles as well as self penned albums. Michael soon found himself in demand for session work in studios across the UK.

During 40 plus year playing career, Michael has been involved in a huge range of live performances in venues ranging from arenas to pubs and clubs. In addition to this, Michael worked in Rushworth Music House in the town of Chester as a salesman and setup/repairman for guitars and basses. Michael continues to enjoy all avenues of involvement and looks forward to many more years of tutoring in the studio…